Market Synergy provides outsourced connectivity and hosting services to Bitfinex, the world’s leading cryptocurrency trading platform, delivering robust, high performance connectivity for its institutional clients. This means that any institution wanting to trade cryptocurrencies can connect with Market Synergy and access a wide selection of digital assets. Market Synergy offers a FIX feed and ISP link to Bitfinex’s digital asset gateway, which provides a simple, secure and effective way for traditional trading firms to diversify and provide their clients with opportunities to trade this new asset class.

Clients can be reassured by Market Synergy’s experience as an outsourced connectivity provider. The organisation has invested significantly in exceptional 24×7 monitoring tools and have a wealth of expertise in in building and maintaining secure networks, fully managed by our NOC team maintaining the global network around the clock.

We are very pleased to collaborate with Market Synergy to facilitate improved access to digital assets via Bitfinex. We are experiencing first hand the immense institutional interest in cryptocurrency trading and we are excited to be able to pioneer its development.

Paolo Ardoino, Bitfinex CTO

Meet-Me-Room (MMR)

We provide centralised sources of cryptocurrency connectivity to exchanges, banks, brokers and hedge funds


Market Synergy is a bespoke network solution designed to ease the fragmentation of connectivity in the 24 hour cryptocurrency market and provide institutional clients with a secure, robust network for cryptocurrency trading. Its Meet-Me-Rooms (MMR) provide centralised sources of digital asset connectivity to exchanges, banks, brokers and hedge funds. Market Synergy is part of a group of companies which also consists of FXecosystem and Bondecosystem.

Global Connectivity Low Latency

Market Synergy provides a single point of contact, delivering fully-outsourced low latency connectivity solutions with faster on boarding.


We are based in Switzerland and are part of the FXecosystem group of companies. Our Swiss datacentres connect to LD4, NY4 and ZH4, using this backbone to provide digital asset pricing though existing, proven infrastructure.